Roskilde Airport Best in Business


Roskilde Airport is a small exclusive GA airport with an attractive location near Copenhagen.

Due to a fast transit time after landing in Roskilde Airport, Copenhagen City is only 30 minutes away.

Every 5 minutes a plane is either landing or taking off - each day of the year - in an airport which is largely used for Business Aviation, but also for local school flights.


Fuel Prices

Per liter per September 1st 2016


  • AV-Gas ex tax 9,35 DKK
  • AV-Gas with tax 14,803 DKK
  • Jet A-1 6,50 DKK

Dansk Fuels:

  • AV-Gas excl. Afgift og Moms 9,10 DKK
  • AV-Gas inkl. Afgift og CSO 14,53 DKK
  • AV-Gas inkl. Afgift og Moms 18,16 DKK
  • Jet A-1  excl. CSO og Moms 6,75 DKK
  • Jet A-1 Inkl. CSO og Moms 8,45 DKK



Refueling Fee

Fueling paid via Roskilde Airport Invoice will be subject to a 10% refueling fee.

Fueling paid via Carnet-card, creditcards, cash or fuel-releases or Airlines based at Roskilde Airport are exempt from the refueling fee.

Please Observe that per may 1st Shell Carnet Card is no longer valid for Refuelling with Shell. Please contact Shell sales 33372520

Cash & credit card will still be avaible.


Roskilde Executive Handling

Standard terms and conditions

Standard terms and condtions for all good delivered by Copenhagen Airports A/S in Kastrup and Roskilde

Download standard terms and conditions - English (pdf)

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Roskilde Airport Best in Business

Roskilde Airport named best business airport

Where do executives and business travellers from Europe, Russia and the Middle East get the best service when travelling to or from business meetings in their private business jets? At the small Roskilde Airport, owned by Copenhagen Airport.

After several years in the top ten in "European Business Air News" ratings, Roskilde Airport has now been named Best Business Airport ahead of 400 airports in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Africa.

“Being in the top ten was a great achievement for Roskilde Airport, but making it to number one this year is nothing short of amazing ,” said Roskilde Airport Manager Lars Lip.

In addition to personal service, a VIP lounge, ultrafast checking in and fast arrivals, Roskilde Airport has many extra services for the pilots, such as maintenance facilities, rest facilities for the crews and, not least, good, competitive fuel prices.

Located six kilometres outside the historic city of Roskilde, close to Copenhagen, the airport has 1.800 private business jet takeoffs and landings each year.

“One of the new services we offer is to drive our clients pretty much right up to their aircraft,” says Mr Lip, when asked how providing good service can make a big difference for a small airport.

“Obviously, our terminal and facilities can’t really match other business airports like Farnborough, Munich or Geneva. Instead, our focus has been on delivering excellent personalised service, and our dedicated staff have really delivered on this,” he said.

Informal atmosphere and excellent service Business jet pilots from three continents responded in the survey.  Carsten Vistisen, general manager of JoinJet said:

“Roskilde offers flexibility that sets it apart from many of the other airports we fly to. Depending on what we need, we can pick either a comprehensive or basic handling package. Getting through the airport is fast and efficient, and the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. It means a lot to the pilots when they have a chance to relax in an informal setting with such a high level of service,” says Mr Vistisen. 


FBO Contact

Roskilde Executive Handling
Phone +45 32 31 62 20
Please send your request regarding Premium Handling pr e-mail
E-mail Fax +45 32 31 62 77 
VHF: 131,550 MHz “Roskilde Handling”

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