Rental of taxiways or runways

Roskilde Airport offer taxiways or runways for training and test-driving

The rental of taxiways or runways is primarily intended for authorities, companies and associations.

A fee of 3.500,- DKK ex. VAT per day is charged. There are no time limitations per day. Activities on runways require a guide, which is charged at an additional 650,- DKK per. hour.

if you wish to request usage of our facilities, write an email to: include the following information:

  • Date of event
  • Description of activity

A feasibility assessment of your request will be made before confirmation of your request.

When your request has been approved we need the information listed below.

No later than 24 hours prior to event:

  • Billing address
  • CVR Number
  • Vehicle information list incl. type & license plate details
  • Participant incl. full names & social security numbers
  • EAN Number (Public institutions only)
  • On the day of the event:
  • Participants must bring a valid photo ID (passport or drivers license) - No ID, No access

Cancellation Fee
No-show or cancellation less than 2 hours before the event start will result in full charge.

Term & Conditions
All event activities at Copenhagen Airports A/S is at your own risk.
If air traffic or other conditions require so, the event may be interrupted without notice.