Below you should get answers to your questions in the ID card application for Roskilde Airport

ID card application

When you need to apply for an ID card - or your current ID card is about to expire, you should always fill out an ID card application and a so called Samtykkeerklæring.

The applications are available as PDF files little further down the page. The application must be filled out directly on screen and then printed to apply signatures and possible company stamp. This avoids a longer processing time.

A normal turnaround time is up to 2 weeks. When the ID card application has been police approved, the applicant an SMS from ID card office.

Note the ID card must be picked up within three months, otherwise the approval date.

You must personally pick up your ID card on the ID card office and bring your valid passport photo ID (passport or driving license). The picture on the ID card will be taken at the same time. Remember to bring your old ID card renewals, even if the card has expired.

Security Awareness course

In order to obtain permanent identity cards to the airport, the applicant must have taken a security awareness course due to The National Security Program (NASP).

After the course you must take and pass a short test.

You will find the course here: CPH learning portal

Lost your ID card / changes to the current ID card

Have you lost your ID card or are there any changes to your current card, fill out a new ID card application. This application brings you the hand and get past the ID card office during business hours and we'll fix it right away.

Return of ID cards

When you no longer need your ID card, the card immediately blocked and immediately thereafter handed over to either ID card office, your ID card controller or the guard.

Contact ID-card office

Postal adress:
Roskilde Airport
ID-Card Office
Lufthavnsvej 20
4000 Roskilde


Phone: 32 31 62 10



Opening hours for pick-up: 

Tuesday: 9.00 - 11.30
Thursday: 12.30 - 15.30
Last Thursday in month, Only 18.00 - 20.30

Closed on every public holiday.


Link to applications

Vehicle Pass

Pr. 1 February 2014 has RKE implemented a so-called vehicle pass. A vehicle pass is to equate with an ID card, however, it is registered to a single vehicle. As a private person with a personal identification card, vehicle pass due to the expiry of this while the vehicle passes for company vehicles follows a three year period from the date of issue.

All with private related ID cards may be issued vehicle pass for a vehicle that can be brought to the airside, by completing the following Vehicle Pass application and submit / send it to the ID card office. Vehicle pass get here the same expiry date as the personal ID card and must be renewed along with this. (New ID card application with vehicle pass is released).

You can have a maximum of two private vehicle passes and these should be used at least 15 times in 12 continuous months. Meets is not this being vehicle pass closed and can only be reinstated after the need for access by car to change.

Companies that have vehicles that want access to the airside shall complete and submit / send Vehicle Pass application for ID card office. Vehicle pass will have expiration date three years after the issue and it is the company's sole responsibility to keep the vehicle passes and the expiration date.

Vehicle Pass must, like the personal ID card, ALWAYS scanned electronically at the entry to the airport's restricted zone and must sit visible in the windscreen lower left corner (viewed from the driver) in the provided holder when the vehicle remains of the airport area.