Flight plans

Abbreviated flight plan (STRIP) only in Danish

An abbreviated flight plan may be submitted by clicking here, if your aircraft is registered for it.

If your aircraft is not registered for automatic submission of abbreviated flight plans, you may call the Airport Office on: tel +45 3231 6220.

Must be submitted a minimum of one hour before departure.

Roskilde Briefing

Phone +45 32 31 62 20
E-mail: rkebriefing@cph.dk

Areas for airwork

Click on this link to get a map over areas for airwork

Demarcated area at Roskilde Airport

As part of the adaption of current EU regulations at Roskilde Airport, a special area is established for operation of flights without security status, e.g.: smaller aircrafts, operations without passengers, mail and freight, etc.

You can read more about it in this pdf - click here