Opening charges at Roskilde Airport

Valid for starting and/or landing between 22:00 - 07:00 local time.

Below 2.000 kg MTOW    =  DKK 500,- (approx. EUR 68)

2.000 - 9.999 kg MTOW   = DKK 2.000,- (approx. EUR 269)

10.000 kg MTOW and above   = DKK 3.500,- (approx. EUR 471)

The charge covers one aircraft for one hour beginning from the first operation. Thereafter, a further charge per hour or fraction thereof will be made.

Fueling, De-icing, Toilet Service (additional fee)

Between 22.00 and 07.00 local time   = DKK 1.500 (approx. EUR 202)

Charges in regards to the tariff regulation for Roskilde Airport, must be paid in cash at the Airport office, prior to each scheduled flight unless a periodic settlement has been agreed with Copenhagen Airports A/S.

Failing cash payments without prior agreement will be charged an extra fee of DKK 300, - plus VAT. (approx EUR 40,-)

VAT rules per January 2010

For you to be able to receive supplies in accordance with the applicable charges regulations for Copenhagen Airports A/S (including Roskilde Airport) without Danish VAT, you need to apply at the Tax Administration for status as: "International Airlines".

Tariff Regulations applying to Copenhagen Airports A/S

Charges at RKE as of January 1st 2021: 

Takeoff Below 2000 kg DKK 75.23
  Above 2000 kg per ton DKK 59.72
Passenger Only for aircrafts with +10 passengers or above 5700 kg DKK 78.55


DKK 39.28
 Parking Parking in the open - per ton per 24 hours in excess of 6 hours DKK 13.67
  In the open - minimum charge DKK 54.65


Download the full Tariff Regulations as PDF