Light Handling

This is the airport's basic product which is available 24 hours

  • Free Apron Parking of A/C *first 6 hrs. 
  • Free GPU first 30 minutes
  • Free Car Parking 
  • You can expect marshaller service to assigned parking on the main apron in front of the terminal. 
  • Only available if the aircraft is under 15,999 MTOW and have less than 10 pax onboard
  • If you have any questions - please ask in the Airport Briefing Office.
  • Handling is mandatory if MTOW is 3 tons or above

This is the airport’s basic product which is available 24 hours.

Here, we emphasize compliance with safety aspects.

It is possible to purchase access to our Crew Lounge, but not passenger and baggage handling, catering, cleaning, etc. If such service is required, we refer to Premium Handling, which must be ordered in advance.

Roskilde Briefing

+45 32 31 62 20