Before departure

Prepare yourself for your travel

Meeting times and check-in

  • Please check with your airline when to check-in before departure.
  • At Roskilde Airport there is only one terminal and the place to check-in is very easy to find. It is not possible to check in yourself at kiosks or on the internet.
  • You and your baggage will prior to departure be security checked according to security regulations.

Customs Regulations

Danish passengers can see what they may import on the Danish Custom Authorities website.

Danish customs regulations

Foreign passengers will have to contact the custom authorities of their own country in order to learn what they may import.

Please note: It is not possible to buy tax-free goods at Roskilde Airport.

Smoking at the Airport

As from January 5, 2009 it is no longer permitted to smoke indoors at Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde.

The airport's cooperation partners decide for themselves whether smoking inside their own areas is permitted.

It is permitted to smoke outside at the entrances to the terminal and alongside the terminal buildings. 

Passengers to the US

New US rules require travellers to complete an online applicationat least 72 hours before departure. If they fail to do so, they risk being denied entry at the airport.

The new rules apply to the so-called ‘visa waiver countries’, which include Denmark. Beginning 12 January 2009, passengers travelling from these countries must register online using the Electronic System for Travel Authentication (ESTA) before travelling to the US.

Travellers to the US must provide the same information on the online application that was previously requested on the I-94 form handed out on the flight before arrival in the US. Information such as the traveller’s name, address, civil registration number, address in the US and passport number must be stated.

Once the online ESTA form has been completed, the system will provide you with one of three possible responses: authorisation approved, travel not authorised or authorisation pending. If your application is denied, you must contact the American Embassy to obtain a visa.

For more information and to access the online application form, click here