Photo- and filming

General provisions for using Roskilde Airport as a backdrop

Roskilde Lufthavn (RKE) has good possibilities for recording of films and is often used by both production companies and advertising agencies. Vi do our utmos to meet you wishes, however, there are of course some general provisions that must be observed and these can be read below.  

It costs from 4500, - ex. VAT for the first 6 hours, then 650, - per. hour.

In addition, payment must be made for use of crew hours, equipment, meeting room, VIP lounge etc. if necessary, for example, by pilot, guard and fence.

The hourly rate for crew is 650, - per. person, the meeting room price is 1200, - and the price of the VIP lounge is 3500, -. In each case, RKE assesses the need for extra manpower, based on the scope / location / safety considerations, etc.

It is not permissible to carry weapons, knives of any kind or other effects which may be presumed to be used in an illegal act against civil aviation.

It is not allowed to film in or against the security check.

No drones may be used in or near the airport area.

If traffic or other conditions so require, the recording will be interrupted by RKE without notice. Likewise, if the general provisions are not complied with, the RKE may stop recording.

RKE also reserves the right to reject requests that violate the Company's policy.

The companies, aircraft and people from the airport who may appear in the pictures should be made aware of this. The photographer / film team must have permission from those appearing in the photos. RKE has no responsibility for this.

The stay in RKE is at your own risk.

Everyone who enters the area must bring a valid photo ID in the form of a passport or driver's license, if no ID is included there is no access to the area.

RKE does not have right of disposal of aircrafts, so if you need to use aircrafts, you must contact your airlines to make an appointment.

See under partners.


Food and drinks

It is not allowed to consume brought food and beverages in the airport. Request on food and beverages can be done by contacting Klai's catering - tlf. 42801038.